Thursday, December 7, 2006

Why Free Flight Aeromodelling? (My first Blog!)

This is a unique moment in Chuck Glider's aero life. Blogging about a childhood passion!

Before answering the "why" question, it may be useful to deal with a "what": What is free flight aeromodelling? Is it an anorexic waif skydiving from a high altitude? No. It's thinking about, designing, making, flying, caring for and enjoying flying model aircraft that have no direct control from the ground. Yes, all those things. It covers:

  • gliders: launched by hand, catapult, bungy or towline;
  • propeller-driven planes - which are in essence motor gliders launched by rubber-power, electric power or internal combustion engine;
  • jet and rocket powered planes;
  • oddballs - like ornithopters, helicopters and autogyros.


Because it's fun. It's absorbing. Building the beastie is enjoyable. Why is it that Humans have always had a fascination with flying? If you enjoy watching a bird of prey circle around and dive on its victim, then you're likely to love this pastime. Gadget-freaks can go wild. If you don't like gadgets, that's OK as well - there is much joy in minimalistic models. You get a fantastic buzz to see your creation fly, and a bigger one when it flies high and well. It's not just a visual stimulation - there is something organic and natural about it (at least gliders and rubber-powered models - the gas-guzzlers and jets are not the same). It can also be competitive, which adds yet another buzz.

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