Monday, July 30, 2007


"Jellybean" 18" Hand Launched Glider - "HLG" model glider or "Chuck Glider"

I enjoyed designing and flying this model glider. The name "Jellybean" comes from the appearance while it is flying. From underneath, the tissue is backlit by the sky and the colours reminded me of jellybean sweets. Use it as a second model, or decent beginner's competition HLG. It can be fairly competitive - I've 1 minute maxed with it quite a few times and thankfully, it has not yet flown away!

No DT, but one could be fitted (e.g. side or top flap made from an aluminium drinks tripped by a button timer).

I haven't figured out how to make and attach a .pdf file, but hopefully, you should be able to copy and save the above .jpg file on to your computer and use some image manipulation software to enlarge it.

If you try this model, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

The photo below shows some of my other designs:
  • Dogchew 6" span HLG (for plan and build notes click here)
  • Oompah 16" span HLG

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Anonymous said...


the jpg is a rough, but using Autocad, any one can easyly get the clear draft

nice job, thx bro, thank you