Monday, February 18, 2008

Chuck Glider discus launches Gambler AG

This is not a free flight glider. I've been dabbling with the "dark side" and my chosen weapon is the Gambler AG from Wright Brothers RC.

Why am I dabbling in the dark side (aka radio control)? Well, there is method in Chuck Glider's madness. The main reason for playing with RC is to learn about discus launching - what it feels like and how bad launches go!

The latest thing in free flight chuck gliders is the discus method of launching, also called tip launching. This is a field of aeromodelling where free flighters have learned from our radio control cousins (not the other way round, as is usually the case ;) ).

The Gambler is a fine model and I've thoroughly enjoyed flinging it about to play with low level thermals. Best flight so far is nearly 3 minutes
(in wintery conditions). I have not flown it in good thermic conditions yet and am looking forward to that!

The next stage would be to build a free flight DLG! So watch this space....

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