Monday, March 24, 2008

DLG Plan: Part 3, More work on wings & feathers

For aerofoil section, I am trying to follow the AG03 by Mark Drela. He developed it for the Apogee RC hand launched glider. Unsurprisingly, it is remarkably like conventional HLG aerofoils. Walnut works well with plane and sandpaper - I would use it again.

The high point was marked with a fine felt tip pen dotted line. It is 28 mm from the front of the LE running parallel and then curving to the wingtip centre line. Use the wing tip template to draw it.

The sanded fully shaped wing weighs 40.8g. I've kept the TE at >1mm for strength.

The stab was given very little work. Just rounded off the LE and sanded the rearmost ~ 1" of the top in a taper to the TE (but not too thin, because I want to preserve some strength). A thin strip of bass wood was glued and rubber banded to the LE of the fin, wrapping it a little around the bottom edge.

Photo left is a close-up of the bass wood LE of the fin, after the bands had been removed and a bit of cleaning up with sandpaper.

Next, wing breaks, or shall I start the fuselage instead?

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