Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Starlite 36" Radio Control

Site Changes
Frequent visitors will note the slight change of style to this blog and the new title. I wanted to broaden the coverage and more accurately reflect my aeromodelling activities.

Flying the STARLITE
After giving up on the 150mAh 9.6V NiMH battery and replacing it with a 400mAh 7.4V LiPo, the performance was transformed. She climbs better and keeps going much longer (25min).

These photos were taken by my 6 year old son. I'm quite proud of him and them. Evocative lighting, dew on the morning grass in the one above. Since the photos, I've added shiny aluminium foil windows to the cabin and day-glow orange stripes under the wing (directly beneath the black top wing stripes). Both are to assist visibility in flight. More pictures later perhaps.

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