Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Model Glider Plans

If you're looking for really interesting A/2 glider plans, then the January 2007 issue of New Clarion is a great resource. It contains fabulous information on a number of, shall we say, "nostalgic" glider designs. A/2 gliders are basically the big ones - usually between 60 and 79 inch span (~ 2m). SAM 1066 is a UK based chapter of the Society of Antique Modellers - well worth a visit and their membership is free!

Converting a free flight glider to radio control RC

Free Flight gliders could be useful starting points for an RC conversion - to make a really high performance radio control glider. To flesh this out, here's an example of enlarging a Keil Kraft Soarer and converting it to RC (discussed on the
RC Groups forum) :

And here's a super example of an RC conversion of the Lulu (50" free flight glider, discussed on the SFA forum, by my friend Eagleone):

I would suggest that neither the Soarer nor the Lulu is in the same league as the big A/2 gliders. Indeed, I daresay that converting one of those "biggy" free flight A/2 designs to RC would create a very high performance radio control sailplane.

If only I had the time to try it....


The probligo said...

One of the more beautiful, and still quite competitive A2's is "Sans Egal" which if memory serves is still on one of the plans lists from Aeromodeller.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the elevator needs to be that big on the lulu? I know that free flight planes tend to have larger tail surfaces, the lulu's looks huge..