Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P-51D Mustang - Completed model

Here she is, complete with pilot. One thing I learn from this is to never, I repeat, NEVER, use domestic tissue again. Japanese is so much better. This stuff shrinks in weird ways, is not easy to apply and the finish is lousy.

I love the lines of that wacky Dick Baxter prop - which is pretty much as per plan. I used a yoghurt pot rather than a coffee cup.

Weight without rubber was 8.8g. Prop on its own weighed 1.8g. Here is a photo of two prop centre shafts. The top is a ramp type of freewheel clutch, the bottom has a Garami-style latch. They're both smooth, but the ramp is more compact so I used it because of the spinner. Spinner was made out of tissue pva'd to paper. Cut out a semi-circle and made a cone out of that.

Power is one 1/8" loop. So far, I've only given her ~150 turns. Stab adjustment was required, but no ballast at all (thus far). All indications are that she's a good flyer! Need a good day to try her out properly.

A very enjoyable build.


Anonymous said...

that is a very cool setup :)

you could put it on a rotating poll and make into a weather vane

Mike said...

Hey CG, per your comment regarding domestic tissue, perhaps you just used some crappy domestic. I use it on almost every model, unless the one of 5 colors of Esaki happen to work.
I have found the domestic I use is noticeable lighter than Esaki, on a scale of a little less than a gram per sheet, and while not as consistent in coloring from package to package, it is very easy to work with.
So every time I see modelers disparaging the use of 'domestic', as if 'domestic' tissue is all taken from some big roll kept someplace, it make me chuckle.
A lot of great modelers use domestic, Chris Starleaf has used it for years, he is just one of many.
You just might take another look at some decent domestic tissue.
Or not,
Nice models btw, and great site.