Thursday, September 2, 2010

Multiplex EasyStar Review: Part 1

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling a bit fed up with my GWS SlowStick - pictured. Not because of the plane - I'd recommend it to anyone, it has a loyal following for a reason. No, it was the realisation that I prefer to fly it with the engine off! I would climb up, switch off that buzzing prop and then fly about looking for lift. I'm a glider junkie, it's true. Plus, in a bit of wind, she didn't have the oomph to make much headway with the stock brushed motor.

So, it was time for a change. I could upgrade to LiPo and brushless, but that wouldn't solve the constant "I want to glide and thermal" desire in my bones. I wanted to take the battery and radio gear off the SlowStick and re-use it quickly on something else. So, what to do? The Multiplex EasyStar ought to be suitable, because it:
  • looks like a glider, so should soar reasonably well with the motor off!
  • has a great reputation as an ideal newbie's plane, also pre-fabricated
  • comes with a brushed motor and is 3 Ch
  • can be upgraded, and modified for aerial photography
  • should handle a bit of wind better than the SlowStick (including better penetration)
  • has loads of resources and info about it on the internet
Eagerly, I ordered one online from When the box arrived, I was like a kid opening it up. However, to my horror it had been bashed in transit and the photos below show what I saw.

Oh ,those beautiful wings, so crushed and crumpled!

Thankfully, Mike at was very good about it and sent a replacement very quickly. The pack included the wings, fin, stab, fuselage, canopy- all in Elapor foam (not regular foam like Depron, but Multiplex's stuff), pushrod wires, plastic tubing of various diameters, a main spar tube, horns and other small parts, a bit of velcro, motor, prop, spinner, a decal sheet and some thorough, well illustrated instructions.

So, EasyStar is the name, but just how easy was she going to be to build and fly? In Part 2 of this Review, I'll tell you the rest of the story.

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