Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chuck Glider from one 1/16" balsa sheet: Part 4, Trimming

Here are a few views and a video (below) of the finished plane. See Part 5 as well, for further developments.

I think it looks neat, so thanks to the wife for choosing this wing profile!

I've decided to call it PLAIN SAILOR because the build was easy, it seems to have produced a decent performance and exactly as designed.

A view from underneath.

With the balance at 63%, I did some glides from the shoulder. I was pleasantly surprised that it needed no trimming at all. It flew straight and level in a good, floaty glide. No elevator or rudder, washout, washin etc required at all at this stage.

This one flew right off the board!

Here is a video of a test glide from the shoulder. It was blustery 20 mph winds today, but I managed to gently glide it a few times during lulls. Indoors, in the living room, it is very stable and floats serenely with a nice flat glide (I can tell because it hits the curtain high up on the other side of the room). Now I need to find an indoor venue to trim and fly it properly. For example, perhaps the stab or fin could be reduced in area.

If you make PLAIN SAILOR - see the FREE plan in part 5 (Feb 08) of this series of blogposts, and build guide below - please let me know how you get on.

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