Sunday, January 20, 2008

Peck Polymers takes over Sting

Last month, Sting Aero, was snapped up by Peck Polymers in the USA. Sting Aero was a business run by Len Surtees in Australia (photo, left). It was acquired by Peck Polymers/A2Z Corp in an impressively quick transaction.

I suspect that Len did not make the decision to sell lightly. Tim G of Peck clarified: "Sting Aero Product will become a product line that we sell through our Peck Polymers online store in addition to selling through other dealers". (When you click on the link above, click on "FF Gliders" on the left to see the range).

Peck Polymers should be a great home for Len's product range, which includes the following superb, successful English designs (and I would say design classics):

- BUTTERFLY, by Mick Page (photo, right)

- 2KAN, by Mark Benns

Both are UK Nationals winners. Butterfly kits started shipping soon after the acquistion and other kits are ready or nearly prepared to be offered for sale. The range also includes Len's STING HLGs (various spans and past Australian Nationals winner) and the more recent SPIN UP range of DLGs, by Mark Benns which are all established winners.

Tom Norell of Peck Polymers has confirmed that they will also take over running the annual
Heave Ho postal contest. This is a popular, informal worldwide competition originally started by Kevin Brown some years ago. Tom also said:

"We here at A2Z Corp./Peck Polymers hope to continue Len's tradition of high quality competition kits and accessories. If you need something that is not listed yet or have any suggestions feel free to email me directly here at the plant."

Chuck Glider wishes you all the best of luck!

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