Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you remember your first ever model plane?

I do. I get the feeling that many (if not all) aeromodellers do too. Yes, the memories are hazy. I wonder how many of them in later years decide to build their first model again? For me it was a small 24" tow glider called the CROFTER by Ian Barrett published in Aeromodeller in 1973.

I built it during an after school club run by my teacher. Recently, I located and bought the plan for it. How weird to see it again? It's like that feeling of going back to your old school after many years - everything seems smaller and simpler than it did as a child.

I also remember the frustrations at the time, because no one explained how to trim and fly it properly. It is a simple design with Jedelsky style balsa sheet wings and 6mm balsa fuselage.
Should I build (again) it or leave it for my son to cut his teeth on? Actually, it would be fun to strap it to a rocket motor! Now that's an interesting idea....


The probligo said...

Sure do!! Keilkraft Vega. 6" HLG. Flew surprisingly well considering that I was about 7 y-o.

Second was Keilkraft Cadet. Butchered that. Then into the Ezi-bild models.

No hope at all for me after that...

iain said...

Kiel Kraft Pirate with an ED Bee. Never did fly properly. Fortunately I did not give up. Best ever in the early years was Junior 60 Free Flight.
Now, 200-300 models later I'm still having fun with it. Mostly fly electric assist sailplanes now.