Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Model aircraft building board heals itself!

I started to build a model aeroplane on the building board (see the May 2008 post below). The plane is a 1m electric job. I have to say that this is the best building board I've ever used. It holds the pins with just the right grip and "feel". However, stupid me, for using thick brass thumb tacks (or as we call 'em "drawing pins") to pin the plan down. The next photo below shows what happened to the balsa block underneath:

As you can see, the thumb tacks left significant holes and dents while the proper modelling pins (pink ones in the top photo) left negligible fine holes. However, after a quick wipe with a wet rag, the balsa healed itself "organically" in just a few minutes:

Wow, that's cool! As you can see the drawing pin holes closed up a lot and the dents have gone. completely The modelling pin holes were not an issue anyway, but even they have virtually disappeared.

I won't be using drawing pins again - I've found some finer map pins for holding plans down. Proper modelling pins are well worth buying. These are Czech ones, from Flitehook.

Who says wood is dead when it can still heal itself like that?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the building board get warped after being wetted?

Chuck Glider said...

Hi anonymous. No it doesn't get warped. It's merely a wipe with a wet cloth. Besides, the boards were glued up securely (pukka!).

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