Sunday, February 8, 2009

Source of Vintage (Old Timer) Plans and Articles

There's an excellent new source of information on "vintage" model gliders and free flight aircraft. The POPULAR SCIENCE magazine series has been digitized and is now available on the internet via Google Book Search.

Screen shot of an article by Frank Zaic on the THERMAL HUNTER rubber model is shown left. It also includes building instructions, tips and drawings.

I had a look through some issues for articles and this is just a selection of the gems that I found:
  1. New Thermal Hunter Plane Model, Frank Zaic, August 1936, p60
  2. International Contest Flyer, Frank Zaic, June 1940, p150
  3. Model Fuselage Building, Edwin T Hamilton, July 1931, p110
  4. Give your model the right propeller, Edwin T Hamilton, July 1930 p96
  5. From ten parts you can build twenty model planes, Edwin T Hamilton, August 1931, p72
  6. Model-Airplane Short Cuts, Frank Zaic, September 1941, p170
  7. Test Flying Model Airplanes, Frank Zaic, June 1942, p196
  8. Gas Models and Towline Gliders, Frank Zaic, September 1942, p.HW230
  9. Novel Inventions aid Model-Plane Champions [no author indicated] November 1939, p67
  10. The modern 300 incher, Zaic, Aug 1942, p.HW174
  11. Hints that will help you build airplane models, Edwin T Hamilton, January 1931, p116
  12. Miss Science (gas model), Frank Zaic, September 1939, p142
Happy reading!

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