Sunday, February 15, 2009

FREE MODEL GLIDER PLAN! Tiny glider, 8 inch Catapult Launched Glider (CLG)

If you downloaded this plan before 28 February 2009, please discard that copy and use this version instead - some important details were either wrong or missing Sorry!

As you can see from earlier blog posts, I've been playing with Charlie Sotich's simple 8" CLG. Necessity really, after the original 1/32 thin wings - as per his plan - shredded on launch.

So here is my "re-mix" of his design. Main changes are conventional HLG style wing, three panel instead of V-dihedral, a slightly longer nose and some mods for a stronger wing fuselage joint.

Sotich named many of his designs [SOMETHING] DIP. For example, his famous 48" glider was called LIL DIP. Since this 8 incher is intended for the Tiny Gliders postal event, I called it the TINY DIP, but I don't know whether he ever made a design with that name.

I hope you enjoy the plan - drawn with a smile on my face and a bit of tongue in cheek. An easy build, lots of fun, pretty in the air and satisfying performance (right click on the plan and select Save Image As). Try a 3/16" rubber loop for the catty. You can use kevlar tow instead of CF. Fix to the model's balsa sides with CA glue. Note the washout on both tips and the washin triangular wedge on the left wing only. There is a slight incidence (decalage) in the design. I visualise it as the bottom of the fuselage being horizontal, and the top line of the fuselage a slope, taller at the front. The closer you get to 0-0, the straighter and higher the launch, but stability decreases. Too much decalage, then the climb becomes a height-sapping spiral (or worse, gets loopy).

Photo below of the TINY DIP glider (4.1g ready to fly).

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