Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wee Bo Weevil: 12" Catapult Launched Glider CLG

The original Texas Bo' Weevil hand launched glider HLG by Don Chancey was published in American Aircraft Modeler in 1972. It was a 17" span all wood design of traditional layout and very steady, reliable performance.

I thought it would be fun to miniaturise, modernise and catapultise it!

So, here's a 12" span scaled down version, with carbon fibre boom and pop-up wing DT operated by a button timer. Natty rainbow colours anyone?

Side view showing the wing down. To give you a sense of scale, the button timer on the nose is 15mm diameter.

I call it the Wee Bo Weevil.

Another view of the DT system, with wing in the up position.

All up weight including nose ballast is 13.5g. It launches and flys pleasingly well, but is not as super-performing as a "clean" and modern 12" design, a la the experts such as Lee Hines, Tony Matthews, et al.

Fun though, and it's great to watch dog walkers in the park looking puzzled as it DTs down.

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