Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mad Scorpio RC glider and Things to do

This is megatastic, a Scorpio rocket glider with RC! :)

I've got many projects that are sitting around to be completed. So much to do, so little time. Work, family and other aspects of life always seem to take higher priority. Here's a potted list:

  • Scorpio 19.25" FF Rapier rocket powered glider, a superb design by Steve Bage. Lovely kit from Shorty's Basement to build. Cool video here.
  • Pearl 1.49m R/E radio control discus launched glider. ARF from South Coast Sailplanes, but kitting it out with radio gear will take some concerted effort and time.
  • Dingbat vintage HLG from plans, which I've been meaning to build for years.
  • AND Lots of flying to do - CLGs, HLGs, DLGs, rubber, RC electric, RC gliders...

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