Saturday, September 26, 2009

Queen Bee 8" HLG: A simple hand launched glider

Nothing in aeromodelling gives me more pleasure than flying the humble chuckie. Lately, I've been messing around with RC: gliders and electric planes. They're fun, but for some reason, the enjoyment can wear off. I always come back to the chuck glider. Photos here of a simple model that I enjoyed flying yesterday and today, in the light wind and sunny blue sky of September.

Best flight was a 66s today, but alas, that was not one I'd declared for the tinygliders postal competition

I guess it's obvious why she's called QUEEN BEE. She has a bamboo fuselage and simple wings.

Another thing. Chucking gliders is great exercise. I can tell that it has been a while since I did some throwing, because my body really feels it - especially the bicep and shoulder!

Yesterday, I lost WEE BO WEEVIL. It went OOS at ~210s. The DT had triggered - I could see the elastic hanging, but the wing failed to pop up.... :( All the more upsetting because the DT worked perfectly for maxes earlier that day.

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