Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gambler AG mods, beginners RC discus launched glider (DLG)

The Gambler AG is a great plane. Elsewhere on this blog is information about its construction. I've used the model a lot. On flat fields, its discus launch or off a bungee, but it's also fun to slope soar it. For towing, it needed a tow hook, so here's a picture of the one I made for it:

The tow hook is reinforced internally as shown here. Also, as I mentioned in previous posts, I got rid of the rudder pushrod. Here, through the foam guide, you can see the diamond hook of the new rudder control rod, where it attaches to the pull string of the return spring arrangement:

The elevator servo has stayed firmly placed over time, simply being glued down. I guess that loads on the rudder servo are greater, because in contrast, the rudder servo tended to move. I've also had to replace it twice. Fed up with trying to re-stick replacement rudder servos, I decided to make a mount for it, and this is what it looks like:

The servo screws are tightened using a cranked star screwdriver (which is a flash way of describing "one wot I bent!"). The rudder servo mount has been a major improvement. Apart from making it easier to replace servos, it has also improved rudder control finesse and centering. Will it stay put over the long term? Time will tell...

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